How to recognize the damaging high-voltage ultrasonic presence.


It is extremely important to learn how to feel and to recognize the presence of damaging high-voltage ultrasonic radiation. It is very simple thing to do, if you have once understood what is it and what negative results it brings to your body and environment around you. Our body is a perfect detector of any damaging presence, when it is going about vibrations, infrared radiation, sound noise, etc. It reacts to it by bad feelings, different types of pain, cardiac negative reactions, bleeding, loss of vision and hearing, nose spontaneous secretion, etc. The mechanical damaging of human body will be observed as tiny and big cuts, acnes, loss of hairs, red eyes, cut tongue, muscles contractions, chronic fatigue, sexual excitation that can bring to madness, the loss of voice, perforations of body of different types, formation internally of pea-like solid tissues, that are only healing wounds often taken as cancer and treated erroneously also like a cancer. That’s why it is very important to create the immediate protective screen against the hazardous ultrasonic presence, as also it is especially important to prevent the danger of fire. In the video above it is shown and it is explained how to detect, using the sensitive method of human hands, the high-voltage ultrasound presence sent to your internal space from piezoelectric cable net or metal detectors installed abusively by your neighbors. Please, ask questions.

High-Voltage Ultrasound and its Criminal Application.

The high-voltage ultrasound is without any doubt the biggest discovery of all times hidden from the large audience of our little planet from the very beginning of its official invention in 1880.

Why it is the biggest invention?

Because it permits to manipulate in a very precise mode the functionality of the largest computer in the world – our homo-sapiens brain and to govern in this way our opinions and thoughts. The latest achievements in hardware and software of computers and the criminal development of systems based on the prohibited application of the high-voltage (up to 3000 V) piezoelectric cables, made it possible to develop illegally an extraordinary soffisticated system, that governs the wallet of entire countries and single persons. The high-voltage ultrasonic system can be considered as the most intelligent modern weapon, that permits to kill and manipulate the life of every person, that is reachable by this kind of arms.

There is no doubt, that the Russian October revolution of 1917 was caused not only by the economic crisis in Russia due to the World War I, but also by a high level of the ultrasonic presence in  factories and cities of the main Russian industrial cities one hundred years ago, that leaded to a high negative excitation of the Russian working class.

But what is happening actually in the world? – Actually entire nations are under the heavy destruction process due to uncontrollable and prohibited installations everywhere of the hazardous high-voltage ultrasonic systems and their constant manipulation by a criminally behaving personnel. It has to be noticed, that the high-voltage ultrasonic vibtrations transform rapidly every kind of earth complex objects in a cosmic dust, thus making no return back to normal living conditions on our unique planet. The humanity must stop this destruction process, equal by its final result to the action of the atomic bomb. The electricity must be a pure phenomenon, not mixtured with hazardous ultrasonic manipulations (piezoelectric components). Our modern society development can assure these conditions and this must be required by the United Nations to every country in the world. We must stop immediately the spread of this coward method of spying and destroying of the life of people and animals, that leads to nowhere and causes the loss of any purpose of the human and animals existence.

The spectre of types of the ultrasonic interference with the functionality of biological systems and that of the solid matter is infinite. The modern police proceedings are completely incapable to connect negative events with the application of this hidden ultrasonic weapon, and that’s why this highly destructive process continues to spread with the enormous speed all over the world and the humanity cannot accept it, if it wants to survive. This is the real modern hidden terrorism, that must be eliminated from our planet as quickly as possible. The frequences, used for high-voltage systems, are equal to those of the biological activity and the high-voltage serves as the propulsion jet to cause the propagation of these ultrasonic vibrations  through the air or through the solid matter, causing in this manner the damaging of objects, targeted with high precision,  or permitting to manipulate the functionality of electrical systems, that all are based on the highly organized and directed electrical current, that becomes disorganized and confused under the high pressure of ultrasonic vibrations. This is a criminal mechanism, that cannot be accepted by any existant legal system of the world, and the legislative organs of every country of the world must be informed clearly of this hazardous phenomenon.

Let’s say together “NO” to the hidden criminal application of the high-voltage ultrasonic systems!  

Ultrasonic Freezing Effect


Now it is a winter time. Time to heat our houses and apartments. Have you ever had an idea, that your bills, you pay to heat your home, can be artificially exaggerated? But how? – Or, there is a wonderful natural physical property, that has our world, consisting in overlapping of different energetic components in the environment to obtain drastically negative result in the real energetic level. It is going about the influence of the ultrasonic radiation, used for the modern surveillance systems, on the real environment temperature to lower it as a result of a negative resonance up to -15°C instantly, where this phenomenon happens due to the ultrasonic resonance effect on natural vibrations of material, both solid and biological, on which these ultrasonic beams are pointed. Please see this short video to understand better this real physical phenomenon.

If you ever felt a dry cold, as if it was caused by the dry ice made from the crystallized CO2? This dry deeply penetrated cold perceived by our body, is due to the freezing ultrasonic effect invoked in a matter, pointed by these beams. This is a real artificially generated cold and can freeze the air efficiently in spaces, attacked by these hazardous beams and can freeze our own body, causing serious flu related diseases. It is a strictly localized effect, and what happens in your home couldn’t be present by your neighbors. If the hazardous beams will be precisely pointed on your heating system thermometer, that control the room temperature in autopilot, than your heating system can start to function, consuming more fuel or electricity without any real environmental  reason for this. And as a consequence, your bills will be higher as usually.
How you can understand, if this really happens? First of all, control always the medium consume. If it becomes unusually high, then try to understand why. Any question? Ask us! Read this book: and articles of this blog you read now, or contact us.


It happened to me about 5 years ago to spend some hours in one SPA & wellness place. I was inside the sauna space and suddenly I started to feel the ultrasonic attack on me, that was a general one, that covers your body with micro penetrations and make the presence inside of such a hazardous place intolerable. Naturally, I had to quit this space. If I were more instructed in this matter, as I’m now, I could go to the head manager of this SPA and ask him why this hazardous attack happened inside his so highly approved environment, that I also paid for it. But like the most number of people nowadays, I was shy to talk to anybody about this phenomenon and decided simply not to visit this place any more, that was naturally the main goal of the surveillance agents of this place, – to keep me far away from “their” wellness centre, because for some only for me understandable reasons, I was one who couldn’t stay by that time inside of it (presumably, it was decided by the same agents, hidden from the public view). But what had happened to me in this sauna space, why it was intolerable to be in? Well, I was feeling my body to be shot by micro bullets all over it, making me feel very weak, attacked and almost ill. You can understand my feelings by seeing this picture:

Ultrasonic attack on dough products from nereby abused ultrasonic surveillance system. You see the result of it – numerous perforations, that can happen also to biological tissues even inside of the body, invisible for eyes.
Egg abused by ultrasonic attack on it from nereby ultrasonic surveillance system. You see, that the intensity of ultrasonic beams can be different, causing the formation of holes of different sizes.
This white ultrasonic cable is extremely potential and can even kill by creation of deep perforations and by causing the ultrasonic pressure on victims, if managed in an abusive way. It is a silent process, but can be observed due to formation of holes and bleeding.

Nowadays, all the thermal cure and beauty treatment centers have powerful ultrasonic cables installed inside of them and connected with the most sophisticated control panels, ever existed for this kind of ultrasonic systems. Every person present around this installation can be taken as a target by any surveillance agent, any time he wants it and attacked on parts of the body being chosen for a damaging attack. Why this is possible? Because of the general ignorance of people at any level of the modern society regarding the existence of such horrible methods of people’s damaging. Mainly, because it is silent. The high management most probably never really knows, what is really happening inside their official properties. The wounds, formed in the body, can easily develop a kind of a cancer, that can be avoided in all other circumstances. And the clinics receive more job to cure such “misfortune” patients. Then, the thermal cure places have even the radioactive substances for the thermal cure, that in the presence of the ultrasonic perforation of the body can lead to a very rapid development of the cancer like formations.
So, if you don’t want to eventually find yourself in such a mine camp, avoid to love very much any SPA or similar institutions. And happy old fashioned living!


Dogs are very sensitive to the ultrasonic hazardous presence, because of their nature. You can see it clearly watching this short video:

In this video, made occasionally in the locality, where there is a high presence historically of the piezoelectric cables for security purposes, you can distinctly hear dogs crying due to a presumably their extreme chest pain, that can be caused only by the highly damaging presence of the ultrasonic hazardous vibrations, directed on these dogs. The dogs’ natural reaction on this phenomenon is crying with all their souls or barking from the extreme heart pain. Animals with rapid motor reaction have hearts, that are extremely dependant on the external conditions. If the surrounding conditions cause the heart tissue tightness, animals can die in a short time or instantly from the heart collapse (especially rabbits are subjects to this type of heart reaction).

From this point of view, how these big friends of men can help their owners to save lives from the ultrasonic destructive attack? Here is the possible solution. If you feel unusual pain of your chest, like angina, and you suspect to be a victim of the hazardous ultrasonic presence, and you have a good friend of yours – your faithful dog, then embrace it strongly with all your heart on your chest and see its reaction. If the animal will start to cry together with you, then there is no doubt of the dangerous ultrasonic presence. In this case you have to protect yourself against this attack. Take two 1 cm thick plastic cutting boards about 30cm X 40 cm large and adjust them permanently on your front and back part of the body. If the pain will diminish, then you have obtained a positive result, and you can start to investigate from where the hazardous ultrasonic beams arrive. This will help you to contact police with precise description of what had happened to you, hoping that the police will help you to resolve this problem before you will need the first aid, – the first aid can be completely avoided if you will learn precisely what is this hazardous phenomenon and how to struggle against it. Please ask questions on this website, we will respond you in a short time. Subscribe to our newsletter and read the book: This is a branch of a human activity, that is not so attractive for investors, so please donate, if you can. Thank you so much. Your help will be used to help more people to survive.


We live at the highest point of the modern civilization development. The scientific computational capacities at this point have no limits and the scientific knowledge in the matter of any physical phenomenon is deeper as it never has been before. It means, that a shape and a material structure of the modern civil and military constructions must be defined, using precise mathematical formulas and physical characteristics, that will take into consideration types of vibrations and of other pressures, that would influence the performance and a conservation of a new bridge in order to define the best composition of materials and internal structures and the optimal bridge shape to assure its long life and the most beautiful appearance of such an architectural creation. From this point of view a model and a composition of the new bridge Morandi in Genoa must be defined only and exclusively by this internationally adopted approach. It is necessary a collaboration of a big scientific and technical team to successfully project such a very important civil object. We live in the era of the extensive ultrasonic abuse. In Italy all the ground, for sure, is covered in the underground and overground parts by the extensive ultrasonic private net, and nobody from the governmental institutions nowadays can control how this ultrasonic net is being managed by private companies employees, who have a minimum necessary in this matter instruction and education level and they never passed any official morality exam control. In this way our highly civilized society can be disintegrated by this hidden under-instructed private sector, never existed in the society before, and this particularity must be taken into consideration in the process of the creation of such an important industrial object as a highway bridge near the half a million city centre.
Another question. Why modern Italian architects avoid the classic ancient Roman tradition, that functions successfully even nowadays? What is the age of the most ancient Roman bridge in Europe, and what is its shape? – for sure it will be viaduct, because the arch architectural type is always the most resistant to vibrations. Why not to use it for the Genoa new bridge? What will say Italian Applied Mathematics scientists and physicists?

Ancient viaduct as a train bridge.


The definition of the disease, that leads to a short-term memory loss and many other human body dysfunctions was given in 1906 by the German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer. Please note, that by that time the artificial ultrasound invention was made officially already 25 years earlier, and this negative phenomenon was already widely diffused in Europe due to its strictly connection with the electricity propagation. Officially the causes of this disease were poorly understood, but the reason of it was probably the same as nowadays the major part of physicians know really only a little regarding the ultrasonic hazard, – and this can lead to diffused mistakes in diagnosis of different diseases caused by a constant exposure to the hazardous ultrasonic radiation, arriving from ultrasonic surveillance systems, installed in places, where a victim lives or stays for the major part of the proper time, or from directed on the victim different metal detectors, etc, – any source of the hazardous ultrasonic radiation (to understand more why the ultrasonic surveillance systems can cause damages to a human or animal body and to solid structures, please read the book: ). The abuse of the ultrasonic radiation is directly connected, without any doubt, with the money extortion intentions, because the Alzheimer disease is one of the most financially costly diseases. It is extremely easy to expose the targeted victim to an ultrasonic attack, by simple installation of piezoelectric cables and their connection to a centralized local ultrasonic surveillance system control panel, that controls the movement around these cables. The perfect silent nature of the ultrasonic radiation, its capacity to deeply perforate biological and solid structures or to create a strong local pressure on them and the lack of the education and instruction of the population to detect it by a simple human sensitivity, leads to the rapid propagation all over the world of this criminal method of the human and animal body destruction. ( To learn how to detect the hazardous ultrasonic radiation and to eliminate it or to protect yourself efficiently against it, please contact us for coaching or consultancy on this website). As this surveillance method is strictly local, then everything depends on how good are being instructed representatives of the local authorities to be capable to defend their local population against this hidden type of a danger. It is really highly unclear why the knowledge of the ultrasonic danger phenomenon is not being taught to future doctors and scientists to reduce obvious mistakes during the diagnosis process of different diseases.
The wide diffusion of the Alzheimer disease (about 29 million of ill persons all over the world) and dementia represent the most evident confirmation of how too much specialized is our modern instruction and the way the medical personnel works, leaving no space to a simple overlook so typical for traditional civilized way of the human mentality.

Wrinkles caused by ultrasonic radiation.

How it is possible to understand, that the causes of this disease are connected with the hazardous ultrasonic presence? It is extremely simple thing to do. The hazardous ultrasonic radiation has very precise impact on the external aspect of a victim: rigid and full of profound wrinkles face skin, as if the skin was cut. The face muscles are strongly contracted, the external aspect of such a person is not relaxed, but depressed and lost to different extent. There can be other signs on a face like livids, dark spots of different size or perforations similar to acnes, etc. The body of this kind of a person suffers deeply under the constant destruction attack due to internal and external perforations and external pressure creation, that blocks the normal flow of liquids in a biological body.
How to cure this disease? It is a very simple procedure – the hazardous ultrasonic presence must be identified and the source of it has to be eliminated. In case it is not possible to do it immediately, the suffering targeted attack person has to protect efficiently the proper body to diminish significantly the negative impact on it. There is nothing else special to do.
It is possible to affirm, that it is not even a disease, but a state of a deep suffering and a slow body destruction under the constant hazardous conditions of living, that must be verified and eliminated to help efficiently the victim.

Hands of a monk.


Nadezda Mikusova. Earth covered by ultrasonic net.

The ultrasonic based crime is not new and sure was used to eliminate silently millions of people during the last 2 hundred years. It is extremely simple to apply and it does not leave any particular trace on a victim, if the case is not thoroughly studied by super experts in the ultrasonic crime field, who really do not exist nowadays. That’s why many deaths due to this reason are not investigated by the old traditional police procedures. There are mainly two means of exposure to the ultrasonic armament: cables and dish shaped detectors. The reason why they represent weapons consists in their extreme potential, that is enough to kill any living creature or destroy its body. There are some kinds of destruction, that can be observed on a body, like perforations, or internal formations in a form of a pea, that erroneously is represented like a bad cancer to eliminate. Who knows how many people were killed by a simple installation of ultrasonic cables near to the place where they lived or worked, that caused the heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, lungs perforations, intestine perforations, the memory loss, etc. Because of its hidden action, this kind of the death or diseases were never investigated due to the absence of direct evidences of the health failure. And even now the diseases like dementia, Parkinson or Alzheimer are considered as natural diseases, but evidently, that they are not. The living spaces in cities, towns and villages became the uninterrupted densely covered with ultrasonic cables surface, and nobody really cares of this chaotic human massive suicide armament, because somebody makes a huge amount of money on this. Do you remember, how important was a question of the environment conservation in Europe during the last 50 years, but nobody cares how much waste, hazardous for the environment, is being imported during the last 30 years from China, – products obtained by absolutely prohibited in Europe industrial proceedings? And who really controls this, if the ignorant population continues to buy them, because they are cheap (here is always the question of the real human slavery to produce them so cheap, but who cares?). The same is happening with the ultrasonic surveillance systems, that are considered to be not hazardous, but the way they are being used nowadays, tells to the modern society clearly, that they are strongly damaging, and that they destroy also the public sanitary system, that spends billions of euros for nothing. Who controls this? And the destruction, so rapid of the artistic heritage by the same ultrasonic surveillance systems, – these silent stealers, installed to protect museums, palaces and churches? When the ultrasonic hazardous phenomenon will be taught in schools and universities, so that to prepare the population for the massive survival, in comparison with which the Nazi camps are only child game playing? Who really cares? Will you be the first to do it?


It is well-known, that the quality of our life depends mainly on the country we live in, on the environment of the place, we are staying in, and on the character and essential problems of our neighbors. If the political situation in the country is healthy and its laws permit to protect deeply all aspects of the human life and there are efficient mechanisms to control the hidden criminality, then it can safeguard our happy existence. If the local environment in the place, we are living in, is not harmful to us in all aspects of our life, and our privacy is not violated by any public or private force, then our fruitful activity and study are assured. If our neighbors are positive people, wanting only to help us and not to destroy our life so that to resolve their own problems, then, taking all factors together, we can be really happy until we live. It is enough to have only one damaging factor present between all the listed above, and our existence will be badly exposed to circumstances.

The face of this horseman was ruined by the  ultrasonic abuse. It was also visible, that he didn’t feel good himself in general due to presumably a hidden constant ultrasonic attack at him may be for the purpose to laugh at his costume.

The diffusion of the usage of powerful piezoelectric cables all over the world to assure the safety, and their abuse by some dishonest surveillance companies, that use the modern highly developed software equipment to do this, permits to convert this method, declared initially as only a surveillance pacific one, into the most powerful targeted selective arm, that our civilization has ever had. It has transformed every kind of our modern societies into those with the extreme disparity for every person involved as a victim in this kind of a local abuse. This is a kind of weapons, that can be used only in places, where the piezoelectric cables or ultrasonic based powerful detectors are installed, or their mobile versions are used, and it can be managed remotely, that means the guards, who manage them, remain invisible and unknown to the people, suffering from their abused presence or even dying because of this. This particularity makes the ultrasonic weapons extremely the hidden one, and if the population is not educated and instructed in their existence and properties, they can remained invisible forever and damaging always.
The effect of the ultrasonic destructive attack is especially efficient on elderly people, because biological mechanisms of the recovery of the body wounds are much slower and inefficient for the old people. It seems, that this particularity is especially used nowadays for “scrapping” of the old human beings, that is the most cruel thing, that exists together with the human civilization. The modern society is especially interested in this process to save money from paying pensions and insurances. In this context the ageism is very helpful to who commits this crime. The young people often look at the old one mainly with a particular glance, thinking that the old age for them will come only many years after, and they feel themselves privileged because of this.
So, if you are not young already, assure your good future life by selecting better your country, environment and your neighbors. Because if your neighbors will install ultrasonic surveillance system in their home and around it and their surveillance company will use it to attack your life and health, then it is better for you to understand your situation as quickly as it is possible and to start to move legally as sooner as possible too. Happy existence!

Do you have sleep disorders?

Today I bumped occasionally into an article on the website, and it seemed to me, extremely experienced in disturbances caused by the criminal abuse of the ultrasonic surveillance systems, to be only a traditional description of the top of the iceberg, we are living in nowadays. I personally had grave sleeping problems about 22 years ago, when I didn’t know the things I know today, as the author of this article. By that time I was awake frequently deep into the night hours without any desire to sleep, and for not to stay always bright-eyed and to lose my precious time, I preferred usually to iron my clothes and my sheets. On the contrary, during the last several years I sleep perfectly well, except the nights, when the ultrasonic beams, directed on me are especially targeted and of a certain ultrasonic frequency. So, where is the problem of sleep disorders, and how is it possible to resolve it?

Sleeplessness, when you don’t want it.

First of all, we have to start to analyze our organ, that must sleep to be capable to function perfectly. Our brain is extremely sensitive to all kinds of vibrations, because our brain is the biggest personal computer in the world, made of billions of interactions per second between its different components, that must communicate between them in a very special only for them specific way so that to accomplish their natural functions. Different kinds of disturbances, arriving from external sources, can gravely influence this process, and among these negative factors the most powerful are vibrations (or ultrasonic noise), that can efficiently penetrate into our scalp, as well as into the complex biological system, covering externally our scalp. It is going about the ultrasonic beams of frequencies presumably like 100 kHz and higher, that are especially aggressive in their destructive actions. They can efficiently penetrate into our brain through weakly protected in our scalp points, damaging gravely our brain in this way to the extent to cause a possible formation of largely traumatized zones, that can lead to the loss of memory and the appearance of internal hemorrhages inside of it, that can cause the brain cancer formations under certain circumstances. What are the sources of these damaging our health ultrasonic beams? There are mainly two types of them. The first and more diffused nowadays is a powerful ultrasonic surveillance systems net, that is installed privately everywhere without presumably any permission of local authorities, and the second is a mobile equipment as ground-penetrating radars or different ultrasonic based mobile detectors.
The sleeping disorders can be easily caused by the ultrasonic radiation of a certain frequency, if this will be constantly directed from the ultrasonic source, that can be also the ultrasonic surveillance system installed in your home or by your neighbors, or if these ultrasonic beams will be directed from the external sources such as piezoelectric cables passing under the streets or pavements or from the underground ultrasonic net, created secretly by the private surveillance companies without any particular permission of the local public authorities, to assure the major private control over the local private or public life from the part of these private surveillance companies. The truth is, that the ultrasonic weapon, being hidden from the official public opinion during the last 100 years of its official existence, is largely used nowadays as the extremely targeted gun, that disassembles our modern society, leading to the general high level of unhappiness and personal failure, even in times, when a very high percentage of people can consider themselves to be socially free and happily protected.
The enormous penetrating capacity into our body of the ultrasonic vibrations of frequencies of about 100 kHz and higher, that are likely largely used by the modern surveillance systems, exclude any traditional method of relaxation so that to assure the normal sleeping capacity. So, there is no help in eyes protectors, low volume relaxing music, and other types of sleeping traditional accommodations to help you to have a perfect sleeping time, if you sleep  under the constant radiation attack of silent ultrasonic beams, that damage you. In this case nothing will help us to have a good sleep, and our internal body sensors will be always awake artificially in the described above way. How we can be protected against this real, very harmful danger? There are some ways, that can be very efficient to achieve great good results. First of all, you must be literate in the ultrasonic type of a hazard and to know how to detect the presence of this danger and how to struggle against it. To achieve this we advise you to read the book dedicated to this problem, –,  or you can contact us in this website with your questions or for an appointment. Do you want to resolve efficiently and rapidly your problems? – Ask specialist to help you! It is not possible to resolve them rapidly and efficiently by do-it-yourself approach, because it is very special topic, very well hidden from the modern society attention internationally everywhere. And take care of you when you travel, because the ultrasonic weapon is especially efficient on the territory external to your place of living. As an example of this, and very famous, Jim Morrison, the famous singer of “the Doors” music band, was probably killed by the ultrasonic attack, from which he tried to escape, going abroad from the United States to Paris, France,  but to the irony of his destiny, Paris is a place where the ultrasonic hazard was created and extremely efficiently developed already 100 years ago. So, Jim chose the wrong place to hide from this universal danger. He simply evidently didn’t know it. Deepen your knowledge in this field, protect yourself and persons, you take care of, do not wait until the danger will knock at your door, be ready before this occasionally could happen. We live nowadays in the world, where nobody is saved from the ultrasonic danger. It is the universal truth of our modern existence.