Post 3. Coronavirus Pandemic and Ultrasound

Could the coronavirus pandemic be linked to the criminal use of high-voltage ultrasound?

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There is a lot of evidence that in recent years, the increase in the number of colds and the death rate of the population can be directly associated with an increase in local ultrasound crime worldwide.

Influenza-type virus disease statistics have been quite high in recent years. But what can this be connected with in reality?

Very few ordinary citizens know that high-voltage ultrasound can literally “guide” the human body. This is most likely due to the overlapping of the frequency range used in mine detectors, etc. and private ultrasonic security systems, with the vibrational frequency range of biological organisms.

How do these negative superimpositions of natural animal and artificial vibration fields manifest themselves?

Very simple! Our body begins to show symptoms that are characteristic of many human diseases, including the common cold. A high-voltage ultrasound directed at us and precisely at some of our respiratory organs can cause very severe coughing and sneezing, which can even be fatal. (Sometimes children die from screaming also for the same reason of constant negative aggression against them, which caring parents do not suspect.)

Ultrasound irritation can instantly lead to hoarseness and sore throat, loss of voice as a result of anemia of the vocal cords. Irritation by artificial vibration of the nasal cavity from below will lead to severe sneezing, which can be avoided by protecting the nose with an ultrasound-insulating material or moving away from the place where the ultrasound is present.

There are vibrational artificial frequencies that lead to the immediate appearance of what the people simply call snot. And, mind you, this has nothing to do with the common cold. The secretion from nasal glands ceases immediately upon leaving the danger area.

Ultrasound can cause a sudden decrease in the local air temperature along the ultrasound beam and lead to sudden deep hypothermia of the chest, and as a result, the lungs, throat, ears, head, legs, arms, etc. – any part of the body to which such a vibration beam will be directed. In this regard, it is appropriate to cite the memoirs of the great writer Nikolai Gogol, the famous author of the novel “Dead Souls”, when he described how his hands became blue-cold and unrecognizably petrified when he wrote the second part of this novel, being in the heated house of his friends. Recall that the manuscript was burned by him in a heartbreaking fit before his fleeting death at the age of 43. All this was already criminally and secretly practiced in his era, and judging by his own descriptions, on a large scale. He himself apparently died of an ultrasonic ibernation, also called lethargic sleep, and may have been buried alive.

But what can lead to high mortality during the coronavirus pandemic? After the autopsy of victims during the coronavirus pandemic a year ago, Italian doctors saw the true cause of death of almost all those who died from asphyxiation. The victims’ lungs were filled with the blood of the victims themselves due to the presence of multiple internal perforations in the lung walls (venous microthrombosis or pulmonary thromboembolism). Here is a photo that shows how this could happen.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V
Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V. It is widely used criminally to generate negative phenomena, such as the rapid artificial freezing of any matter, including the biological environment (human) or perforation and cut of the human body.
Walls perforated with high-voltage ultrasound
Wall perforation from exposed piezoelectric wires of ultrasonic cables laid by neighbors behind a stone wall 50 cm thick. Human lungs can be affected in the same way if they are not protected from this ultrasound.

Ultrasonic powerful laser damage to the lungs from piezoelectric sources can be a consequence of this type of internal perforation of the human lungs.

Perforation of the inner part of the victim's throat
Perforation of the inner part of the victim's throat with a high-voltage ultrasound beam from the outside. After a couple of hours, such wounds open and all the blood flows out of them into the stomach.

The word for the judiciary and field investigations around the planet. This will confirm the version according to which a large number of deaths are the result of directed ultrasonic aggression on the victims and nothing else. The real perpetrators of mass crimes will be found faster, and it will be possible to prevent a disastrous situation with the population in many countries faster.

What do you think about it? Are you able to defend yourself against ultrasonic aggression yourself?

The shortest way out of the current social impasse is to apply the same rules of use to high-voltage ultrasound as was done with X-rays. There is no other way. There will always be cunning people who will try to siphon millions from unsuspecting people. ……… And then – write letters …….

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