Post 4. Rapid Deep Body Freezing

Why are the legs and arms, head and chest suddenly very cold?

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Why, after all, all of a sudden, for no reason at all, the feet begin to freeze, for example, and it is difficult to warm them up, as if the cold pierces you through and through and you cannot escape from it?

Why is all this? What’s really going on? Should I seriously worry about this or will it all go away by itself?

The answer is very simple – it’s worth worrying about it.

As I noted in my previous article (read: “Could the coronavirus pandemic be associated with the criminal use of high-voltage ultrasound?”), we have been living for about the last four centuries in a special world, and no one explains this to us.

However, there is a certain group of people who pass on their criminal experience from generation to generation, using widely this feature, and making good money on this negative phenomenon, ruining the health and lives of other people.

Of course, all these are just my assumptions, but, nevertheless, they were well personally felt by me on my own skin and confirmed by the complete elimination of the negativity of the phenomenon by certain methods of personal protection and protection from dangerous ultrasound of the living space, in which it is present.

This is not a natural phenomenon, but purely artificial, organized against us by other people who can simply be called criminals. They play on a special physical phenomenon called ultrasonic vibration.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V
Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V. It is widely used criminally to generate negative phenomena, such as the rapid artificial freezing of any matter, including the biological environment (human) or perforation and cut of the human body.

When this happens to you, then imagine that someone is hiding behind a wall and bathing you in an icy, deeply penetrating cold, acting invisibly through space. This is what actually happens.

To do this with you, your enemy needs to install piezoelectric equipment and a remote control that will allow criminals to watch you from a distance, aim at you with a laser of ultrasonic radiation, which will chase you even when you are moving, and not sitting still.

Modern technology of ultrasonic tracking of moving objects allows even illiterate operators to do this. Apparently (I personally never observed this, but according to what was happening physically to me, it made me think, so left such an impression), it is simply explained to them this fun game, which buttons and when to press, and they having fun watching you and your suffering on the remote control screen – such a kind of video game on living objects. In addition, they are able to hear all the sounds you make and act according to them. Imagine a medical ultrasound method, only on a large scale.

High-voltage ultrasound, if it overlaps the frequencies of biological activity, produces a variety of negative unnatural effects on our body, including a sharp penetrating hypothermia of the body, which can lead to rheumatism, meningitis, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, etc. This is the laws of nature.

Here are real life examples, photographed by me personally in recent years, when I got tired of silently accepting all these devil’s torments.

I photographed quickly and completely by accident (fortunately, I am a photographer with forty years of experience as an amateur photojournalist by the type of my shootings) a sharp drop in temperature down by 16 degrees Celsius as a result of a freezing ultrasonic beam hitting an electronic thermometer. I succeeded because before that I began to feel a strong cold deeply penetrating to the bones and, in my experience, I was already ready for possible changes in the readings of an electronic thermometer. Here are these 3 pictures, very eloquent, which explain why sometimes our bodies suddenly get very cold.

Minus 4 degrees Celsius produced by high voltage cooling ultrasound on an electronic thermometer
Minus 4 degrees Celsius produced by high voltage cooling ultrasound on an electronic thermometer

The next picture shows the real temperature recorded by the alcohol thermometer.

An alcohol thermometer shows plus thirteen degrees
An alcohol thermometer shows plus thirteen degrees Celsius in the room, in contrast to the electronic thermometer built into the watch, which in a matter of seconds dropped by minus 16 degrees, which is actually under the action of an ultrasonic cooling laser passing through an electronic thermometer.

And after a few seconds, the temperature on the electronic thermometer returned to its previous value, which was before the passage of the sharply cooling vibration beam:

electronic thermometer shows the value of the alcohol thermometer.
As we can see, now the electronic thermometer shows the value of the alcohol thermometer.

Another instructive example of sharp ultrasonic cooling was captured by me a day after the snowfall. It shows that on roofs where there is no ultrasonic cooling, all the snow there in a day under the sun has melted. On the roof with ultrasonic cooling, snow remained, and even in a very large amount, since it is accumulated on it gradually over several days, without having possibility to melt under the sun.

Snow left on the roof
Snow left on the roof, on which neighbors are radiating with ultrasonic cooling. This roof is the sunniest in this place, but there is plenty of snow on it.
Snow on the roof
The same moment with more surrounding rooftops for a better comparison.

And the next photo shows how, on the same roof, the presence of active ultrasonic cables with a cooling effect under the roof leads to the preservation of snow as an isolated spot.

The snow spot left on the roof
The snow spot left on the roof as a result of ultrasonic freezing of this part of the roof.

And the following example shows how easy it is to freeze a fresh onion with high-voltage ultrasonic vibration. In the same way as it happens with individual parts of our body.

Head of onion frozen by high-voltage ultrasound
Head of onion frozen by high-voltage ultrasound at a distance. The piezoelectric cable was located behind a half-meter stone wall three meters from the bulb (this is presumably - there is no exact data on this case).

You might think that, as in my case, these photographs will help you understand what the point is with a sharp cooling of the body.

How to deal with this criminal phenomenon? – Start complaining: write a statement to the police and talk to the inspectors, complain to the sanitary inspection, tell your relatives about it. Since we are talking about the actions of specific individuals, it will be better for society if the attackers are neutralized. There is no other way out.

And it is necessary to dismantle criminal ultrasonic installations so that someone else does not appear, ready to fatten on the suffering of innocent victims. Personally, this is familiar to me. The criminals are inspired by the continuation of the torment of the victims and their impunity, because no one shouts: – “Help, guard, they are robbing!” Indeed, they are ruining our health and therefore robbing our savings. For help!

High-voltage ultrasound is, of course, a weapon of mass destruction and should be banned from everyday use across the planet.

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