Post 7. Isaac Newton’s Secret

What Was Isaac Newton Hiding In His Research, And Why Did The French Revolution Happen?

Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton - 1689
Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton - 1689
Louis XVI of France
Louis XVI of France

We all know, who went to school, that the development of mankind is moving along a kind of spiral. At first, everything goes very slowly, and then things go very fast along the same lines.

It seems that in alchemy and then in chemistry it all happened according to roughly the same rule. At first, gathering information and discovering innovations was an extremely long process, and then, when more people came to work with more talent, the process of revealing natural secrets was significantly accelerated.

Currently, the micro-distribution of research work is used by a huge number of scientists around the world.

We live in an extraordinary time when people, on average, consider themselves to be very educated individuals, but however, a certain group of people around the planet, which can be considered not very educated and may not be very smart and prepared on the intellectual front, holds in their fist the mass of professionals “educated”and “extremely prepared” for the life and danger.
Only recently, this contradiction begins to align for the good of our life on earth and, perhaps, soon everything will “return to normal” when everyone knows the same thing – what is the most necessary for a happy life in modern society.

And what, in fact, is the matter, – you ask correctly? And the fact is, – we will answer, – that during the last about 500 years the secret of life on our planet has been hidden from most of the inhabitants of the earth. Yes, the real secret of life, the key to the huge castle of nature, which even now is in the hands of not many, but not even the smartest individuals.
The most heartbreaking plans are being built on the basis of these numerous secrets, and only now begins the process of officially looking into the essence of the troubles that happened and the search for the real culprits of human and natural disasters.

Well, back to Isaac Newton.

What could this brilliant alchemist and physicist have done that could be used to organize the French Revolution? – Yes, the French revolution, like the Russian one a hundred years ago, was not, and this is for sure, a random phenomenon, but a clearly worked out plan of a small, but very enlightened and prepared group of people.

So what’s the point? – In vibration! Yes, in “normal” ultrasonic vibration.

Recently, my neighbors have been “hitting me in the teeth,” of course, not literally. And do you know how they do it? – Oh, very simply, they direct microvibration from massive iron objects to my teeth, causing me, whenever they want, incredible pain in the dental nervous system, regardless of whether it is sick or healthy teeth. They just start hurting me from the targeted pain. It is enough covering them with a piece of protective material, and the pain disappears instantly. Yes, like that, it takes and disappears. Well, if you rearrange in the right direction or remove completely these massive iron objects, then the trained fools behind the wall will not be able to cause any toothache at all.

In today’s highly developed world, they can steal your odontological pictures, where you took them, and deliberately beat on your healthy or ill teeth, triumphing their neighborhood’s victory over you!

Yes, now everything is possible – our corrupt world has become completely sold out, and it is very difficult to understand this, since the world from sleep began to come to its senses only in recent years.

So what was Isaac Newton’s fault?

There is every reason to believe that this talented scientist knew the secret of the earth 300 years ago, but he did not tell anyone, because, apparently, the mafia of his time forbade him to do it. This understatement, plus his obvious contribution to the development of technology for storing of electricity, led to a wider spread of ultrasonic crime in France, maddening the French aristocracy, which wasted all its funds in feasts and waste, imposed additional taxes on the already impoverished population, which in cities often wore rags as a result of the ultrasonic accelerated destruction of the tailor’s material.

And where did the squandered funds end up? – In the hands, apparently, of the very invisible ultrasonic mafia, which began to call itself Freemasons and other secret societies.

Well, let’s remember the toothache when vibrating massive iron objects. This could certainly drive a lot of people crazy, eager for revenge for their suffering.

But the suffering was artificially caused, and the French king was to blame for only one thing – to represent the nation and to remain a fool not capable to understand the essence of the matter and to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. That’s what he paid for.

And with the Russian royal family it did not happen otherwise, only it took a little more time for cunning thieves to plunder one of the richest nations on earth at that time without blinking an eye.

And Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin, – you ask? Well, let’s leave him in peace. He was the grandson of a state adviser on his mother’s line and was killed by ultrasound in Gorki, driven to a moronic state by the same ultrasound. This was the father of the Russian revolution, completely ignorant in Physics … His main merit is to somehow put pieces of the country together, destroyed by an ultrasonic bomb, but he did not even know about this merit – as always, there was not enough key information on physical phenomena.

Even now many world-famous physicists do not know it and do not guess in whose poorly enlightened hands their life with all their “other” physical knowledge is often found.

Over the course of 500 years, many ingenious schemes based on the magical effect of ultrasound have been invented. And they are continuing to be constantly used …

But if Isaac Newton (of course, no one would ever know the truth, since everything was prudently burned by him) had plucked up the courage and revealed a big secret to the English kings (who even entitled him with the secular title of Sir), then surely someone other would live now on earth instead of us, since the world would now be developed in a different direction. The whole history would have followed a completely different, more peaceful course and there would have been no worldwide catastrophes that claimed hundreds of millions of people …

Well, let’s leave him in peace, Isaac Newton, and long live the French Revolution! – Just remove the Eiffel Tower from Paris, before the French government accidentally will receive on the teeth in a friendly way with ultrasonic vibration from the solid iron object!

… Well, this is so, a joke, but with a perfect grain of truth, I can confirm to you with today’s toothache from massive iron objects.

Now I think where I wish I could push them in or remove them?

Do you, by any chance, need a beautiful iron floor lamp?

Unfortunately, it can be used to generate a toothache at a distance …

Well, it will pass, but the floor lamp is so beautiful – Italian handicraft work, you will admire it!

In Russia, they massively sell iron sheet covering for roofs and fences and call it a profiled iron sheet. Interestingly, of the gentlemen who sell them, no one sometimes suffers from a toothache? …

Let’s return iron to underground to great depths in iron mines! –



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