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Highly Targeted Ultrasound Criminal Vibrations: A Silent War for Illegal Conquest of Your Territory?

General-cavi-FROR-450-750V.piezoelectric-cable to produce high-voltage silent vibrations
General-cavi-FROR-450-750V.piezoelectric-cable to produce high-voltage silent vibrations

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First of all, it is important to underline that it is not a question of war, but of the illegal conquest of a territory, any territory, which is in the interest of criminal forces armed with ultrasound weapons.

Among these generators of deadly silent vibrations can also be the ultrasound surveillance systems abused even by surveillance personnel who behave in a criminal way.

The situation, as now everywhere present, is similar to that of the historic conquest of American territories, when European men armed with rifles had eliminated, as an act of genocide, the American Indian population due to the fact that the Indians did not have guns, but only arrows.

The situation today is much more difficult, because whole families are being silently destroyed by the criminal use of a dense total coverage with the network of piezoelectric cables of local territories, houses, apartments, sidewalks, streets, etc. The huge complex cage is being built, from which it is impossible to get out, and is now run by openly criminal personnel of private surveillance companies, encouraged to do so by the total ignorance of the population regarding these illegal systems.

How are these surveillance systems being installed on the territory?

These ultrasonic surveillance systems start from the private properties of wealthy people, who pay private surveillance companies money to have such systems installed and monitored in their homes.

The point is that piezoelectric cable systems used for these purposes are not shielded from neighborhood homes, walls and constructions. Neighborhood usually is not being protected against ultrasonic penetration inside them. The physical phenomenon of ultrasonic resonance therefore occurs that crosses the houses and properties of the neighborhood and the vibrations in resonance with each other, coming from opposite or angled directions, can do very specific damage, violating the private property of others, because they enter the private territory or public without any legal authorization. These particular physical and legal details are not explained to the population and people do not understand where the problem is.

Even many doctors do not understand these features, making mistakes in their diagnoses and applying treatments that are useless, wasteful and harmful to people and entire societies.

In this way, it is possible to spy on and attack with ultrasonic radiation also the surroundings of the properties with the ultrasonic actions: nobody controls this phenomenon, exposing the unprotected population to a possible destructive ultrasound attack.

So these cables are passing mainly under publicly owned streets and sidewalks, and in this way the main illegitimate occupation of public territories by dangerous private installations is taking place without any official authorization from local public authorities.

Furthermore, many public institutions use themselves the surveillance services of the illegitimate private agencies to guarantee public order and the security of their offices.

The population is not aware of this way of doing of the public authorities.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras installed inside public and private properties are often monitored by the private surveillance companies themselves, which own the ultrasound surveillance network, thus allowing the private sector to collect all the information regarding each individual household that lives in the territory to control them and to act with powerful criminal vibrations on the lives of entire families.

Please note that the ultrasound system can record all sounds, including human voices, thus spying on the entire population without any official permission, which is extremely dangerous for the whole country, when performed regularly on a large scale.

This whole system is of course unconstitutional, but the thing is so new to humanity that no one really knows how to fight it.

The first thing to do is to remove the private sector from public territories, including private video surveillance systems. The second, to inform the population in detail about the existence of these ultrasound surveillance systems. This is obviously the task of the local authorities, because they were elected to do this: to alert the local population of any danger, which could cause harm to any person, animal or property.

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