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With the help of a covertly installed complex ultrasound system, it is now widely used to influence the basic functions of the human body.

A person can easily become nervous, without knowing why, have involuntary movement of the fingers and contraction of the muscles of the body, have all signs of a cold artificially generated by ultrasound, such as the appearance of snot and runny nose, coughing due to irritated by ultrasonic vibration the mucous throat, sneezing, coughing from irritation of the upper respiratory tract, as well as, for example, sweating, feeling pain in the shoulders and knee joints, having abnormal mental reactions due to constant aggression on the head with ultrasonic vibration and experiencing many other unpleasant reactions of the body.

In such conditions, testing a selected victim of ultrasonic aggression on a lie detector will not make any sense, but will only make the interpretation of the results by unprepared personnel for such phenomena only more confusing and deceitful in itself as a method of describing a person and person’s character.

In other words, the lie detector will lie itself.

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In general, what is the essence of the matter? Why is the lie detector test in the modern conditions of ubiquitous ultrasonic violence the real nonsense and an attempt to mock the victim with sophisticated ultrasonic tricks?

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Well, firstly, if you see a person 60 years old with completely gray hair and a rumpled face, then be sure that this person is a victim of ultrasonic aggression.

If you put the appropriate outfit on his head to protect him from ultrasonic vibration damaging radiation, you will see that he will soon change for the better, his face will take on a more natural shade and expression for this age, and his hair will lose a completely white color, and he will look more happy.

But this effect will also reflect the mental health quality of the victim of ultrasound offenders.

High-voltage ultrasound destroys the human body, negatively affecting all its vital functions.

Watch this video  , in which it is explained what type of head protection will help to maintain psychological balance.

This is extremely important.

In the real world, all politicians and people who make important decisions must sleep nowadays with their heads well protected from the harmful high-voltage ultrasound exposure.

A person who is not sufficiently protected from such ultrasound will not be able to correctly answer questions in his/her own style, including those asked by the “lie detector machine.”

In addition, the body’s reactions, such as an involuntary sudden convulsive muscle contraction, sneezing, sweating and many others, can be produced with amazing accuracy using ultrasonic equipment precisely aimed at the victim, surrounding the test, bringing to a complete lie the reactions received by this method detecting the “truthfulness”.

Another point of easy manipulation by the ultrasound vibrations on a lie detector test is the effect on electricity using an ultrasound system installed in the place where such a test is performed.

And it is always a win-win system for ultrasound criminals. Plus, the possible presence of video cameras to monitor the planned victim. And the result is ready. The victim of this “test of truthfulness” is circled around the finger, and this process will remain out of discussion, since there is a preliminary consent to this test of the very victim of this process, which is easily manipulated with the help of high-voltage ultrasound.

And it is better to define it as a test for the triumph of lies of ultrasonic criminals and their friends in case it really happens.

This test has outlived its usefulness in the conditions of total coverage with ultrasound and video surveillance of territories.

It can be completely manipulated, both in relation to who is being tested and in relation to how this test is performed.

It will be almost impossible for an outsider who is not privy to the essence of the trick to understand under what electrical conditions with possible ultrasonic interference is the test performed. And this can practically turn the end result, reaching the maximum of lies and blaming the victim of this conspiracy.

Yes, it is very possible that it can be only a criminal conspiracy with the aim of obtaining profit, which is now very popular …

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