Post 9. Strange Behavior of Dogs – Why?

The Reasons for the Strange Behavior of Dogs A dog is a friend of man, we all know this well. But why suddenly, for no reason at all, this great friend and pet of ours begins, walking with us on the street, throwing desperate barking at some passers-by or vigorously sniffing the ground, although this … Read more

Post 8. Anyone want to steal your home?

Highly Targeted Ultrasound Criminal Vibrations: A Silent War for Illegal Conquest of Your Territory? General-cavi-FROR-450-750V.piezoelectric-cable to produce high-voltage silent vibrations (For Russian readers please visit our page – Читайте эту страницу на русском языке:статья-8-кто-хочет-украсть-ваш-дом ). First of all, it is important to underline that it is not a question of war, but of the … Read more

Post 7. Isaac Newton’s Secret

What Was Isaac Newton Hiding In His Research, And Why Did The French Revolution Happen? Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton – 1689 Louis XVI of France We all know, who went to school, that the development of mankind is moving along a kind of spiral. At first, everything goes very slowly, and then things go … Read more

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