We are Against Use of Hazardous Ultrasound

We are against the uncontrolled use of any sources of dangerous high-voltage ultrasound in any area of human life. This will destroy our civilization and life on Earth.

All information presented to your attention is reliable, in many cases documented (with the exception of some historical issues, which are only assumptions about what may have happened in the past), and it can be successfully used in your personal life and in public affairs.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V
Piezoelectric ultrasonic high voltage cable FROR 450V/750V. It is widely used criminally to generate negative phenomena, such as the rapid artificial freezing of any matter, including the biological environment (human) or perforation and cut of the human body.

It is one of the many sources of dangerous ultrasonic vibrational radiation that can quickly destroy everything in the environment.

This site is divided into two parts: posts in English and articles under the “Ультразвук” button in the menu under the heading, written in Russian, but with the same content as in the posts. This is done for the convenience of readers in Russian, which is difficult to translate correctly on an automatic translator. We hope that this unique information will be very useful to you for your personal protection and for the protection of the environment in which you live. It will also help to better understand what is really happening now in civil and political life around the world.

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