Post 13. How can a microbiologist be played by ultrasound?

Are serious people telling us serious fairy-tales? Boiling of a liquid under the action of ultrasound . Only internal bubbling The other day I watched a video on the Internet ( – “I received the third dose of the vaccine, and look what happened to me”), in which an Italian microbiologist talks about his observations … Read more

Post 3. Coronavirus Pandemic and Ultrasound

Could the coronavirus pandemic be linked to the criminal use of high-voltage ultrasound? (For Russian readers please visit our page – Читайте эту страницу на русском языке):статья-3-пандемия-коронавируса-и-ультр There is a lot of evidence that in recent years, the increase in the number of colds and the death rate of the population can be directly associated … Read more

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