Post 10. Remove piezoelectricity from TV antennas.

Is our weather in the hands of criminals?

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No one will argue with the fact that under natural conditions in nature, everything is well balanced.

It was this balanced cocktail of natural laws of nature that allowed humanity to appear on earth and cohabit well with other species of life on earth.

Everything went so beautifully until about the beginning of the fifteenth century.

Well, then slowly everything went awry to the natural balance in nature. The distraught man began to grab everything for himself too much from nature, violating the elemental proportions on the surface of the earth and roughly interfering with vibrational natural equilibria, having learned to produce a huge amount of piezoelectric components, from which he began to assemble super intricate and deeply criminal ultrasonic networks and elements.

And all this has been done over the past five centuries by one criminal group of the population hidden from the public eye. This population group has learned to secretly rule the populace and popular opinion by playing a creepy poker game aimed at extracting huge amounts of money and other funds from another unsuspecting group of the population.

One of these methods of manipulating the life of the general population created over the past decades is the extensive system of piezoelectric cables, connecting television antennas with television sets and other similar equipment.

Harmful ultrasonic vibration going to the sky from piezoelectric television antenna cables

If these piezoelectric cables of television antennas are connected to a single local ultrasonic private surveillance system created by various private security companies without any official permission, then in the hands of these manipulators are very effective means of manipulating the entire population of the area they are watching.

If you do not know this yet, then here is some interesting information for you. High-voltage ultrasound prevents moisture from evaporating and retains it very strongly in cement, for example.

Well, if you shoot with wide ultrasonic beams, connecting vibration to the branched metal structures of television antennas, then moisture in the air will be strongly delayed by this ultrasound, not being able to fly away into higher layers of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, many law enforcement agencies do not know this feature and do not even suspect that the local weather can be strongly manipulated by a group of criminals who need to be found and neutralized.

Interference with the delicate exchange balance of natural processes can lead to total destruction of the environment.

The Earth is really a small planet. A hundred years ago, the main mode of transportation was equestrian, natural, ecological. Over the past hundred years, an incredible amount of metals has been pulled from the bowels of the earth to the surface of the earth, which easily heat up and cool down with lightning speed, actively disrupting the natural processes of nature that have existed for hundreds of millions of years.

And then a bunch of stupid, greedy adventurers came and wanted to rule over a wide mass of people, enslaving them. And all this is achieved through criminal secret interference in the processes of nature.

But the birds show very clearly when the criminals shoot ultrasound into the sky. Birds begin to fly frantically around these sources of death. And they fly somehow awkwardly, falling to one side.

If you see birds circling over their places of residence, then think about the weather – is it going to rain?

And this is from ultrasound.

Remove piezoelectricity from TV antennas!

Do not anger the heavens!

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