Post 12. Does Your Electricity Bill Measure Your Health?

An Overcharged Electricity Bill Could Mean a Health Hazard?

Symbolic electricity representation

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In modern conditions of using piezoelectricity, the prohibited installation of ultrasonic high-voltage networks is especially widespread.
In order to hide the fact of their installation – since their action is invisible to most people, based on inaudible infrasound or ultrasound – private security companies that offer services for monitoring the movement of objects may try to connect such systems to various electrical networks, even with the purpose of stealthy theft of electricity.

(All mankind wants to immediately get rid of the covid-19 pandemic? – let all countries turn off all electricity at once!)

eletric power lines

Piezoelectric lines of this type usually consist of cables operating, if they are effective, at very high voltages of 450 – 750 V (for example, take the Italian General cavi FROR 450 – 750 V cable, which can be used in test checks up to 3000 volt). – See two pictures below.

Piezoelectric cable by General Cavi FROR 450V - 750V
Piezoelectric cable by General Cavi FROR 450V - 750V
Description of Piezoelectric cable by General Cavi FROR 450V - 750V

You yourself understand that such voltages require a large amount of electricity, and therefore, if your electric bill rises 5 to 10 times compared to your lowest monthly electricity consumption, then you need to think about whether you have an electricity thief at your side, who tries to use it to destroy your health and your property with the help of your own livelihood.

Complex Electric Panel
Complex Electric Panel

This is now, unfortunately, a very widespread phenomenon everywhere, since normal people are not prepared for this type of robbery and trickery.

And in general, it has been customary to think about electricity for a hundred years as a simple, very convenient service from third parties, and there is no real idea that this is the most expensive type of raw material, which can literally disappear like water in the sand if it is not carefully protected from all kinds of attacks.

Already 140 years have passed since the creation of an extensive electrical supply network in various countries in Europe, but the human type of thinking tries to avoid thinking about the peculiarities of the existence of this special type of raw material. Everything is blamed on the electricity experts, but this is wrong.

The massive use of piezoelectric observation systems has led to the fact that we currently live in a very unstable, easily vulnerable world, where in a matter of seconds it is possible to nullify the most expensive resource in the history of mankind, on which the entire modern civilization is fully supported.

And here is a photograph of a tree trunk literally eaten away by ultrasonic perforation from high-voltage ultrasonic radiation. This will help you to imagine what a real danger these criminal installations, which are not officially permitted by anyone, are secretly laid even in hospitals.

Covid doesn’t kill. The lungs are affected by this ultrasound. Blood flows out of the wounds and the person simply suffocates by it quickly. This is the whole solution to the mysterious modern pandemic, sucked from the finger.

Many doctors do not know in what hospital atmosphere they really work and simply gossip and invent medical alibis for who is in what.

Damage to wood by dangerous ultrasound
Damage to wood by dangerous ultrasound

What criminal activities are used by manipulators of ultrasound systems?

At present, they can cause any imaginable harm to electro-mechanical, electronic, metal, asphalt, rubber, WiFi and broadband connection, electrical and other types of equipment, thanks to high-voltage powerful vibration that destroys everything that exists in this world.

Well, and especially easily vulnerable physical and mental health. A few minutes are enough to kill a person or an animal invisibly for the outside observers.

So if you see an increased electricity bill, think, “What does it all mean?” – and take appropriate measures to reduce it.
Of course, it’s not all that simple, but everything can be learned.

“Learning is light, ignorance is darkness” – this aphorism is about this case.

A high-voltage vibration beam skillfully engineered by criminals is enough to plunge you into complete darkness without electricity.
Think about it…

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