Post 13. How can a microbiologist be played by ultrasound?

Are serious people telling us serious fairy-tales?

Boiling of a liquid under the action of ultrasound . only internal bubbling
Boiling of a liquid under the action of ultrasound . Only internal bubbling

The other day I watched a video on the Internet ( – “I received the third dose of the vaccine, and look what happened to me”), in which an Italian microbiologist talks about his observations on response of his own body after three vaccinations against coronavirus (covid). His story clearly indicates that this specialist in microbiology has no idea of ​​the easy possibility of manipulating his experiments and sensations using high-voltage ultrasound emitted by sources of inaudible highly destructive vibration, such as piezoelectric cables installed in his own dwelling, or outside the wall of his room, in which he tests his feelings, or conducts his observational experiments.

Boiling liquid caused by ultrasound
Boiling liquid caused by ultrasound

This scientist received three vaccinations against coronavirus (covid), and each time his feelings changed. After the first one, he felt strong pricks in his pricked shoulder and a pull of iron objects to his shoulder. After the second vaccination, he felt a strong metallic effect in listening to music. And after the third injection, he was given an unknown measuring device that measured the degree of sexual desire in the pricked shoulder, and he took the diagnosed result of measure very seriously.

Guinea mouse on hand
Guinea mouse on hand
DNA structure and virus
DNA structure and virus

It was the third description that excited me, because I saw the incredible effects on nature caused by high-voltage ultrasound of all stripes – from a strong artificial wind and artificially very poor in water, but extremely strong in thunder thunderstorm, to enormous pressure on my chest with some type of eco-radar, accurately aimed at me from behind a wall of neighbors.

Are we going crazy, you ask?

And I will answer that since horses have ceased to be the main type of transport in Europe and outside it, the world is slowly rolling to the edge of the abyss in every sense, physical and mental.

So, how could a serious scientific microbiologist be played by the cunning people working in a group, making observe the whole world his highest degree of naivety and ignorance?

So, he was offered a super new, not yet officially issued, device that was invented to show the degree of sexual desire, that is, the sexual potential of a man when he approached a hand that has been subjected to a vaccination injection. The result was shocking: the liquid in the ampoule rose to the very top and even boiled, that is, it began to bubble. It showed that his sexual potential was extremely high, much higher than usual (compared to the reaction to this strange device of another unvaccinated hand).

Let’s look at this phenomenon through the eyes of a person who has seen the effects of ultrasonic vibration on matter of all colors of the rainbow. And the explanation is very simple. Since this YouTube channel owner is quite popular, he will be 100% under ultrasonic surveillance (something like continuous ultrasound, that is, dynamic ecography) from piezoelectric cables laid in his own room or behind the wall of his room. Or from may be something like georadar (ground penetrating radar).

Ultrasound has the most amazing properties, in addition to being able to create an accurate photographic and video image of objects that the device emitting it is configured to observe. It is able to press on the environment according to the force of pressure regulated by the technician who manipulates it. This is how the amazing rise of fluid occurs when approaching the pricked shoulder.

Ultrasound is able to penetrate matter like a laser needle, leaving a sensation of a tangle of painful prick.

As for the magnetization of iron objects, then we need to imagine how this can be created artificially.

Interestingly, this microbiologist points to the possible presence in vaccines of various debris in the form of nano-particles or minced fetus and other tricks not described by vaccine manufacturers.

Apparently, the authorities that control the supply of vaccines to medical institutions need to work hard.

Let’s not forget that the pharmaceutical industry began its existence with alchemists who created modern ultrasonic weapons with which various covert criminals kill and mislead millions of people about the causes of diseases and ailments, including the doctors themselves in hospitals.

And time has been spent on this for about the last six centuries, and there will be even more lies and misconceptions if all this exoticism is not immediately stopped by the authorities …


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